Taking care of your doors... To gain the best performance and durability from your timber door please pay attention to the following points: 

Check your door at the time of delivery, problems are easier to rectify at an early stage.  
The main cause of warping is poor storage, doors should be stored in a dry ventilated building flat on a level firm surface with free flow ventilation to all sides (i.e on bearers longer than the width of the door. 
Adequate protection from physical damage should be provided during storage.
if the door is protected by packaging (e.g shrink-wrapping) let the packaging do its job by leaving it in place for as long as possible. 
Doors should only be fitted by a competent person and should be fitted square and plumb in the frame.  
3 hinges should be used on all external doors and on doors heavier than 20 kg, 3 hinges should also be used if large differences of temperature are to be experienced on opposing faces of the door. 
Any cutouts for locks must not be cut through joints in the door as this will impair door rigidity. 
Adequate protection to all surfaces by application of a good quality wood preserver must be done as instructed by the manufacturer of the preservative treatment. 

All door surfaces must be treated including the top and bottom of the door, pay close attention to glazing beads etc. 
Your timber door will last many years if its preservative treatment is maintained by periodic re-application. 

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