Terms and Conditions 

Doors supplied for sale under the "Door distributors" name are warranted to be of sound material and workmanship free of defects for a period of 3 months from date of purchase, provided that handling, installation and finishing instructions are strictly compiled with. 

Minor swelling and shrinking of wood parts is not a defect within the meaning of this limited warranty, but it is a normal characteristic of wood, that may occur with variations in climatic and atmospheric conditions in humidity and temperature. Warp in the plane of the door itself will be considered a defect only if it exceeds 6mm when measured as deviation from straight edge of the suspected concave of the door in its installed position. 

Handling and Storage - Doors must be handled with care and stored flat and level in a dry clean warehouse or storage facility. Before doors are stored and fitted, ensure all plaster, texture or cement is completely dried, as excessive moisture penetration to the door may result in breakdown of the joints. 

It is important that all steps are taken to ensure the product is handled, stored and installed correctly. The manufacturer will not be held responsible for any defect arising from bad handling, incorrect or installing/finishing. 

In the event of a door being proven to contain manufacturing defect(s) wherein replacement is needed, the sellers ' liability shall, under no circumstances, exceed the price of the defective door. No claim/reimbursement will be entertained if the door has been worked upon in any way whatsoever. You must check your products on delivery and advise of any damage/defects within 72 hours.

None of the above conditions shall be interpreted so as to affect the statutory right of any customer. Seconds/clearance lines are exempt from warranty - "fit for purpose". 

If you require any further information with regards to our terms and conditions please call us on 01246 555165.   

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